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Mental health and me: The impact of a scrunchie

After such a wonderful day at Brynmawr Easter market on Saturday and selling over 50 of our scrunchies I thought now was a good time to share a little bit of background about how these scrunchies came about.

My focus with TeaKind is all around spreading positivity and mental health awareness and education so you may be wondering what on earth scrunchies have to do with mental health. But as well as being cute and a staple for anyone with long hair they come with a bit of a background story.

I started making scrunchies back in November last year whilst I was off work and really struggling with my mental health. I was going through one of the darkest times I have ever experienced and it was just impossible for me to concentrate and find something that I could focus my mind on. Usual tasks like watching tv, doing jobs around the house, sleeping, cleaning, talking, and taking care of myself we’re just impossible and I was finding it really difficult to keep myself safe.

But I have always been into sewing and getting creative with textiles and one day I decided to pick up some funky fabrics on a shopping trip with the idea that I would try and keep busy by making something, but what would I make? It took me a while to come to the idea of making scrunchies but after I made one I realised that it was pretty straight forward compared to other things I had made in the past and so I decided to make more. The repetitiveness of the process of making scrunchies and the short amount of time it took to make them meant that I could concentrate on what I was doing without having to think about the process too much.

So through November and December I ended up making over 100 scrunchies which I would do usually between the hours of 10pm and 4am which for anyone else who has or is struggling with their mental health or any other circumstances that leave you awake at night will know that those hours can be pretty challenging to say the least. But through making these scrunchies I managed to keep myself safe on so many occasions, so although they may just be a scrunchie and on face value have nothing to do with mental health just know they had such a positive impact on my mental health and I hope that they can at least put a little smile on someone’s face when they wear one.

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