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As well as our products that we have available to buy, here at Teakind we offer a bespoke flash card design service. Whether you're looking for a communication aid for your staff or customers, a flash card version of your menu or a mental health resource for your organisation we can help you achieve that. 

What We offer

We offer flash cards in a range of custom sizes up to A6 with the option to have them attached to a binder ring which is perfect to attach to a lanyard or just to keep your cards together. You get complete flexibility on how many cards you'd like in your set up to 58 cards and the option to have all of your text in English, Welsh or with both English and Welsh. We take care of the whole process, from the design process to getting your flash cards made, packaged and delivered to you. 


Design prices start from £2.50 per card for just text flash cards and from £5 per card for text and imagery. This is a one off charge per design, no matter how many sets you order you'll only pay design fees once. There is a minimum order of 8 sets, starting from £5 per completed set. If you're interested in our flash card design services and would like a free quote please get in touch using our contact page on this site. 

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